Next year I know you all have heard that Medicare identification (HICN) numbers are changing but the way they are changing will have your head spinning.

The Medicare HICN will now be 11 digits and there is a formula for these.  It is really about time that they did because there is a security threat with the SSN being used for seniors and others on Medicare.  All other insurances changed that method some years ago when implementation of HIPAA was put in place but it has taken a long time for Medicare to change.

The identification numbers will all be a combination of alpha numeric and depending on the order as to which it will be.  They will not be using the characters, S, L,O, I, B, or Z.

Position 2,5,8,9  will always be uppercase Alpha characters.  There are additional rules about every position and you should make sure you know what these are.

Example of Current versus New

KEY Example
SSA HICN 123-45-6789-A1

There are a number of power point presentations and lots of information on the CMS Website about the transition and what to expect.  As of this month the Medicare RA’s will be returning both the old HICN and the new MBI of your current clients.  Effective April 2018 you must be using the new MBI’s for your existing clients.

Always changing is our healthcare system.  Some law makers have sought to simplify things while others just make it more complicated.  As always we try to stay abreast of what is happening in the industry in order to keep you informed.