Medicare Regional Reimbursement Schedules are normally made available every year towards the end of January when all the fee issue shake out.  Every year since I have been doing this there is always a change and a rollback on the Medicare fee schedules.  As soon as those fees are available we update our fee schedules and make these available for you.

You can go and get your fee schedules on the internet yourself or you can subscribe to obtain them from us.  We go a few steps further in figuring out what you should be expecting Medicare to pay and what you should be expecting from your client or their secondary.  Our fee schedules also compute the allowable amount for LCSW’s because that is not published on the internet.  This is a service that you do not have to be a contracted customer with DBMA in order to obtain these schedule.

In addition, we also have other insurance fee schedules available and we have recently added Tricare to our list of companies that we calculate how the coverage will play out according to the Tricare plan the individual is on.   If you are interested in any of this, please feel free to send us an email or contact our office.  We are always happy to serve this community.

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