Who’s on first?  This is my new saying as I try to work with the different insurances only to find out they have been bought by one entity or another.  Recently I was invited to go to a meeting in Houston and the speakers were going to be Beacon Health Strategies.  When asked who they were I remarked I think they bought PsychCare.  I was right but they also bought Value Options and although I think the two will maintain their names for awhile they pretty much have shut down the PsychCare website where I used to check eligibility on Humana clients.  We were having to call which is a big hassle trying to get through to the right place at PsychCare because you have to be intuitive to know which number to choose to get to Eligibility and Benefits because it is not an option.  Pet peave.  Always has been for me that the choices with the IVR do not include Benefits and Eligibility.  But I digress.  In addition Coventry bought MH Net last year or maybe the year before and Aetna bought Coventry so they are all operating with the different names but when you dig deeper you find that the credentialing is all done by Aetna.  Payments still come from the different entities. We keep trying to stay ahead of that ball to make sure our claims and credentialing information go to the correct place.  It is always a challenge.