Q: When is it acceptable to collect the deductible from the beneficiary?
A: When assignment is accepted, Medicare Part B recommends:
• Since it is difficult to predict when deductible/coinsurance amounts will be applicable – and over-collection is considered program abuse – do not collect these amounts until you receive Medicare Part B payment.
• If you believe you can accurately predict the coins…urance amount and wish to collect it before Medicare Part B payment is received, note the amount collected for coinsurance on your claim form. (We do not recommend that you collect the deductible prior to receiving payment from Medicare Part B because, as noted above, over-collection is considered program abuse and can cause a portion of the provider’s check to be issued to beneficiaries on assigned claims.)
•This was posted under FAQ on Medicare Part B website. The deductible for 2014 will remain the same it will continue to be 147.00. Some folks have it covered with their supplements while others do not. Also to just give you the heads up the fees will change on January 1 and I do not have the fee schedule at this time but Medicare will be paying all Mental Health Services at 80% instead of the 65% they have been paying as of January 1, 2014.