Many of my customers have been asking me about the new code changes and some of the answers are not quite clear.  You see most of the insurance industry has latched on to the idea that the former code of 90806 translates to 90834.  Well here is the problem with that 90834 is for 45 minutes.  Most of my customers will provide 55-60 minutes of therapy.   They more or less did away with the 90808 and they say they replaced it with 90837.  The other issue is that most of the insurance companies have latched on to this crosswalk and our fear is that they will not allow 90837 to be used routinely.  In fact the reimbursement for 90834 by Florida Medicare standard is about 43.00 for 2013.  This is extremely low.  So I would suggest using 90837 sparingly as we venture into 2013 and watch for indicators that your pay sources will pay for this code as opposed to using the 90834.   Just a suggestion and an experiment as we venture into these uncharted territories.