There are a few things to be aware of for the coming year. The Medicare deductible goes up to $147.00 in 2013 and the Psychiatric deduction for reimbursement is now 81.25% instead of 75% as in recent years.  In addition the allowable for Medicare rates although the new published rates are down from last year will be reimbursed at 65% for service codes that begin with 908XX.  Hopefully Congress will intervene and correct this reduction of fees like they have every year since about 2003.  

The new evaluation code is 90791 for Initial Assessment w/o Medication Management and 90792 for Initial Assessment with Medication Management.   There are also some add on codes that become very confusing about when and where to use them.   This I would state will iron themselves out in the new year.  There are a number of places that are providing seminars etc… on the new coding and you would benefit your practice to read up and find out as much as you can.  

As always we are trying to stay ahead of the ever changing reimbursement environment.  We invite your comments and suggestions of information you would like to see discussed here.