Next Event-Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Conference

Next month we will be hosting a table at the CBHC Annual Training Conference.  Stop by and see us we are at table 136.  The conference dates are 09/26-28/2019 in Breckenridge, Co at Beaver Run Resort.   Come and enjoy Colorado and stop by to see us to find out how we can help your practice to grow.  

Practice Management Consultants

We have been providing practice management services to behavioral and other types of providers for more than 18 years. Most of our referrals are word of mouth but it is time for us to make our brand known. We are not like any other billing service because we are more than that. We assist providers in growing their practices by guiding them through the complex world of third party reimbursement. This is an ever changing world and we do our best to stay informed so that we can best assist our customers with the most up to date information. If we don’t know it then we research the matter so as to provide the best information possible to our customers. We provide provider enrollment services, consulting services, data information services and of course billing services. We have adjusted, adapted and revised our brand several times over to accommodate our customers. Each customer is unique and has different needs and we try to provide the best service to suit their needs. Call our offices, for a free consultation appointment on how best to build your practice whether it be a solo practice, partnership or mid to large group practice we service them all.

Colorado Counseling Association Fall Conference

August 17, 2019 We will be hosting a Vendor booth at the Fall Conference kicking off our marketing campaign for Colorado. We have been kept very busy for the last 9 years with customers in other parts of the country but it is time to let Coloradoan Professionals know that we are here and the services we provide. We are a practice management service for behavioral health providers. We provide consulting, provider enrollment and billing services. We continue to adapt our services to fit the growing needs of the providers we serve. We have more than 20 years in this industry and we feel that our subject matter expertise is something we want to share and help this community by providing them the support they need so they can help the clients they serve.

At the Colorado Counseling Association Fall Conference 08/17/2019

Growing Your Behavioral Health Practice with 3rd Party Reimbursement

This book is designed to provide helpful insights into general billing practices for a successful third party billing system for the behavioral health practitioner  and/or Group Practice.   Strategies will be introduced on how to establish and maintain an effective billing system.  Although some steps may not be advisable to the situation in some practices, this book will provide you the reference material needed to assist you in establishing your own third party billing system.  It will provide information about setting up, maintaining and effectively operating a billing system both for the private for profit practitioner and the not for profit practices.

The use of third party reimbursement in a provider practice will differ from practice to practice and it will also differ from client to client.  A provider practice may elect to accept assignment and treat clients on specific insurance panels or the provider may elect to only accept private pay clients.   If a provider elects to only accept private pay it may be necessary for them to create an itemized receipt to provide the client with appropriate information that they can submit to their insurance.  In some instances if a provider is not in network the client will not be reimbursed at all or the deductible will be so high it is not possible for the client to ever reach it.  Either way it is important that the provider be well informed of the choices when establishing the Practice.

There is a need for the practice to be flexible where insurance/third party reimbursement is concerned.  The very survival of the practice may rely on this flexibility.  There will be some clients who prefer to pay full fee and will not use their insurance while others will not be able to afford therapy without using their insurance.  It is good business to have a variety of pay sources that a practice receives reimbursement.

Three major factors come to mind when considering third party reimbursement, client eligibility, service eligibility and provider eligibility.   All three factors have to come into play in order to receive third party reimbursement.

Who benefits from third party reimbursement?  The client, the provider and generally it is beneficial to the community, and the insurance company also benefits.  Now you say how can the insurance company benefit from reimbursement?  It is a proven fact that many times a client seeks the care from their general practitioner for depression and anxiety that may manifest as physical aches and pains.  In turn they run up bills for services that were not, entirely necessary in the diagnosis of the condition.

This is part of the Intro to my book to be published some time in the fall hopefully.  I welcome your feedback.

Picking a Consulting Firm

Picking the right consulting firm can be challenging. You want a firm that has experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, innovative ideas.
Our Associates have the background and knowledge to help you and your practice succeed. This site will provide in-depth information about our background and describe the different services we offer.